Auto Body Insurance Scams

To avoid an scam it’s best to always be prepared for anything. Keep a paper, pen and camera with you to take notes of the place of accident this will help you to have more information with you and fight any insurance scam. Take pictures of license plates, allProtection-Against-Auto-Insurance-Fraud-1079 angles of the vehicle focusing on all damages and as much as you can of other information.  Don’t use your cellphone due to some people might use it against you – this is called Panic Stop. A scammer will drive up in of victim and check if the driver is talking on the phone or  texting after he checked the scammer slams on brakes making the victim collide with the vehicle.  Always remain alert and avoid any distractions and keep a good distance between the front car and your vehicle and always obey limits of speed.

Document everything right away after the accident happened. With information and precautions you can cover your self from additional extra costs from insurances companies.

New opportunity for Advertisers

Digiads in San Diego introduced a innovative marketing tool for advertising agencies or anybody simply wanting to expose their business. The new platform consists of digital valet podiums that have the ability to connect through wifi to the central Digiads office and update the advertisement or content without the need of a usb port. How does it work? It’s simple, the business owner calls Digiads and they will setup your digital podiums at your place. After that you will have the option of leasing the equipment and use all high definition screens to showcvet2ase your products or sponsor it at no cost but it will run ads from other companies on the sides and front while keeping your ad too. After you setup the agreement, you will need to provide with the content. If you have a valet, provide them with prices, if you have an special provide them with the info etc… once you gather the necessary info Digiads will create a content for you. You will be able to proof your content from your place without the need of meeting with the creative team. It’s the proof good? If yes they will update automatically the content from a wifi connection. These digital podiums are a unique way to reach your customers. Now you can attract more customers and your impact will be bigger! 

Questions to ask to the tree removal company

Removing big trees can seem simple but it’s a big project. Finding your self in a position where you need to remove a large tree it’s not an expense in the owners property. But I mean can you blame them? John from tree pruning vista mentioned “Big trees can be pretty complex from the beginning when looking for companies in your area that are dedicated to remove large trees and getting multiple quotes making you compare orange to apples”. For tree services these are simple questions you need to ask first. cuttingatree

1) Are your workers insured to do the job and are you willing to prove it? If something happens at your property and one of them is not insured, start guessing who is liable for them? You!

2) Are you going to protect my landscape? With this answer you will be able to tell if you are working with a professional or not. Professional tree removers will not touch your landscaping and leave it exactly as it was before.

3) Can you chop the tree?
The tree in your property is YOURS and you have the right to do what  you want with is. With this question you will be able to know if they have the right equipment.

New Survey Profiles Recyclers

Tesults are now in from a recent survey sent out to its 345 members concerning their recycling business. The new survey represents the first time that profile data has been gathered specifically from furniture recyclers and provides a unique overview of OF members and their current activities. Here are some of the highlights of the survey:


  • The average office furniture recycling company has 20 employees with sales between $3 million per year.
  • Total sales of recycled office furniture are $3 billion, which represents an estimated 10% of the $15.6 billion commercial furniture industry.
  • Selling used and remanufactured furniture was more profitable than selling new furniture and services.
  • An average of only 4% of total sales is to the federal government.
  • 90% of recycled office furniture is composed of post-consumer parts.
  • An average of $50,701 per year is invested in production equipment and machinery with 91% of this total invested in furniture recycling equipment and machinery.